Goochland County School Board Chair John L. Lumpkins, Jr. Appointed Interim Supervisor

The Goochland County Board of Supervisors appointed Mr. John L. Lumpkins, Jr. interim supervisor for District 3 at their Tuesday, April 17 meeting. Mr. Lumpkins is currently serving his second term on the Goochland School Board as the representative from District 3, a position he has held since being elected in 2011. He is also the current Chair of the Board, a position he held before in 2015. Mr. Lumpkins is a graduate of the T.C. Williams School of Law at the University of Richmond and operates his own law firm.

Mr. Lumpkins’ leadership, knowledge, advocacy for students, and keen eye for detail have contributed to the rapid and meaningful progress of Goochland County Public Schools under the leadership of the current School Board.

The Goochland County School Board will work to fill Mr. Lumpkins’ vacancy on the Board per Virginia Code requirements in the weeks ahead. Read Goochland County’s press release with more information on Mr. Lumpkins’ appointment here.

Author: Andy Armstrong

Executive Director of Business Operations, Goochland County Public Schools

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