GCPS Continues to Exceed the Virginia On-Time Graduation Rate

Today the Virginia Department of Education released state-level data on the on-time graduation rate for the class of 2017, noting that 91.1% of the 95,348 students of the class of 2017 earned a Board of Education-approved diploma, a slight decline from the 91.3% of students of the class of 2016 who earned diplomas.  This represents a dropout rate of 5.8% for the class of 2017.  In the Commonwealth, 88.4% of black students graduated on time while 94% of white students did the same.  Among students with disabilities in the Commonwealth, 87% graduated on time.

In Goochland County, Dr. Stephen Geyer, Assistant Superintendent of Instruction, presented GCPS graduation rate data as part of the overall student assessment presentation to the Goochland County School Board at its September 12 meeting.  Goochland’s overall on-time graduation rate for the class of 2017 exceeded the state, with 96% of GCPS seniors graduating on time in 2017.  This represents the latest step in overall improvement from the GCPS 90% on time graduation in 2013.

Among student subgroups, GCPS also exceeded state averages for on-time graduation.  93% of black students, 97% of white students, and 90% of students with disabilities graduated on time from among the Goochland class of 2017.  “The work our faculty and staff in Goochland has undertaken to provide various programs and options to become career ready, including Career and Technical Education, online learning, and dual enrollment courses, has really opened up pathways to students who may not have been as engaged in their experience in the past” said Dr. Geyer.  “There is always work to be done to focus in on how we can tailor the Goochland experience for all of our students to ensure that each graduates prepared for the demands of the 21st century”.

More details, including cohort reports for schools, school divisions, and the state are available at www.doe.virginia.gov.

Author: Andy Armstrong

Executive Director of Business Operations, Goochland County Public Schools

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