Goochland County Public Schools Continues to have 100% of its Schools Meet Full State Accreditation Standards


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The Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) released official results of state testing today, and Goochland County Public Schools (GCPS) continues to shine.  Virginia public schools administer 29 state assessments each year, tests that are based on the the Commonwealth’s Standards of Learning (SOL).  The results of these assessments, along with graduation rates, provide the framework for Virginia’s school accountability system and the VDOE’s School Quality Profiles.

Once again, Goochland’s pass rates outpaced state averages by a comfortable margin:

Assessment Subject GCPS 2017 Pass Rate Virginia 2017 Average Delta
Reading 85% 80% +5
Writing 82% 79% +3
Mathematics 85% 79% +6
Science 86% 82% +4
History 92% 86% +6

Goochland remains one of just a handful of school divisions in Virginia to have all of its schools meet full accreditation standards each of the last ten years.  While this distinction is determined by traditional achievement measures, school leaders believe it’s the division’s focus on what’s best for students that has led to the success.  “Our mission to maximize the potential of every learner is at the heart of everything we do,” said Dr. Jeremy Raley, Superintendent.  “Accountability is important, but Goochland is far beyond a singular focus on minimum proficiency tests – and that’s really what the state’s SOL assessments are.  We’re proud of the tradition of excellence in Goochland and we embrace the challenges of continuous improvement.”

Dr. Stephen Geyer, Assistant Superintendent of Instruction, described Goochland’s focus on student growth as a key to the division’s success.  “We have definitively prioritized individual student growth over traditional achievement measures.  Every child’s learning is important, and a true sense of urgency should accompany that mindset.  Our focus on individual growth ensures this urgency – and strong outcomes on traditional measures like SOL tests simply become a byproduct of doing what’s best for students.  Our teachers have embraced this philosophy, and it’s their talents and commitment to our children that makes our division’s success possible.”

Despite the school division’s exceptionally strong overall results, team members remain committed to continuing to elevate expectations, as well as to targeting areas of relative weakness.  Raley stated, “While we certainly have a lot to celebrate, we face the same challenges that most school divisions across the state and nation face when it comes to achievement gaps for our students with disabilities and our African American students.  We have made some great progress in these areas, especially recently, but we have more work to do.  We are committed to closing these gaps, while continuing to raise the bar for every student.”

Goochland’s math results have have increased by six (6) percentage points over the past three years for African American students, while math results for students with disabilities followed a similar impressive trend: increasing by five (5) percentage points over the same time period.  However, Goochland’s reading results declined by three (3) percentage points since last year for the division’s African American students, while reading results for students with disabilities showed a slight increase of two (2) percentage points.

The school division plans to present its annual comprehensive data report to the School Board at its September 12 public meeting..


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Two Goochland Schools Receive 2017 Virginia Board of Education Distinguished Achievement Awards

Date:  August 8, 2017 — FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   

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Two Goochland Schools Receive 2017 Virginia Board of Education Distinguished Achievement Awards

Today, Governor Terry McAuliffe and the state Board of Education announced that 386 schools and 17 school divisions earned 2017 Virginia Index of Performance (VIP) awards for advancing learning and achievement.  The VIP incentive program recognizes schools and divisions that exceed state and federal accountability standards and achieve excellence goals established by the governor and board.

231 schools from among the over 1,800 schools in Virginia were recognized with Board of Education Distinguished Achievement Awards, and both Byrd Elementary and Goochland Elementary were recognized as recipients of the 2017 Distinguished Achievement Award.

Superintendent Dr. Jeremy Raley was excited but not surprised by Byrd and Goochland’s recognition.  “Having seen the tremendous work of our staff and support of our community at both Byrd and Goochland Elementaries, it is great to see our Board of Education and Governor recognize the efforts at these schools.  We will continue to aim for more than the minimum everywhere in Goochland County Public Schools”.  

The Board of Education Distinguished Achievement Award was earned by 231 schools that met all state and federal benchmarks and made progress toward the goals of the governor and the board.

“School success is based on student success and each of these awards highlights a school or school division where young Virginians are being well prepared for the challenges ahead,” Superintendent of Public Instruction Steven R. Staples said.

More information about the VIP incentive program for schools and school divisions is available on the VDOE website: